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16 years ago Alexandra, a California native, opened Rustic Rooster Interiors, a design firm in Encinitas, California. Loving the east coast and its distinct traditional style and the west coast for its informal approach, Alexandra decided to combine the two styles to come up with classic beach designs.   

Alexandra’s talents became apparent as soon as the doors opened. Her love for adding vintage treasures to her designs helps create comfortable, warm living spaces that have become her trademark.

Over the years Alexandra has designed homes across California. Her clients not only continue to use her expertise whenever possible, they also gladly provide references. 

Designing with Alexandra is always an adventure and her clients find it a very enjoyable process. It’s very apparent that she loves what she does and she makes her interior design meetings fun! 

Alexandra lives in Southern California with her two children, Taylor and Ryan. In her free time she enjoys flea market hunting, attending cooking classes, running along the coast, going to farmers markets and enjoying quiet weekends with her family.

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